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your have a strange sence of humor....

but i like it, lol

nice job on the fbf and great choice of music

4/5 for j00


great style superb animation, keep it up.


nice laundry detergent as coke.

Oomba responds:

Flour, owned


i already used this soundboard to prankcall everyone in my phone book, its flippin hillarious!


your camera angles and focus of the 'camera' was incredible, i've never seen such smooth and fluid camera movment in a flash movie, great job

teach me your secrets! >-<


artistic inspiration at its highest right here, makes me want do do a flash move....

i'll go make one, thanks for the inspiration

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best trailer yet i've seen on newgrounds great effects, just like in the movies.

btw what month is 15? you must be from europe.

great job dood, cant wait for the movie.

i loved it

i loved the way you made the background move while keeping it simple.

great flash, simple but hillarious, im giving you a ten and a five for a job well done. keep up the good original work.

you rock.

great job

i loved the storyline, great story telling. i always love a flash director that can refrain from havning the main characters speak in the movie and use a narrator, awesome.

good work on the graphics, the human models didnt look that great, but thats probably because it takes such a long time to sequence more graphically generated characters. still awesome.

the only thing i have to complain about, very minor though is the speech. great story but it seems that the sound quality of the voice was a bit raspy. maybe get a new mic or something?

overall awesome, i loved this movie im giving you a 5 and a ten for kicking so much ass.

Flyborg responds:

Thanks :) I liked not having anyone speak accept for the "narrator" (news guy) who spoke mostly lies and nonsense so that the plot is not the obvious one presented - and my mic is fine (I think) it's just I had to amplify it a lot... And flash makes it into mp3 too... So that's what you get (I could have turned the music down, but the music set the tone and the exact words aren't all that important to the plot)

I'm seeing so many 10s and 5s recently - I'm happy :D

great idea

working with just black and white without the 256 shades of gray is hard, very hard. but you hit it here, good job. great idea. keep the ideas flowing. awesome camera angels.

Magosis responds:

yea it was hard to make things appear correctly. as for the camera angles that just kinda happend.

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